with the LILAC Accounting Database.
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ERP Business Accounting Software
Distribution, Manufacturing, Job Costing
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Est. 1980
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LILAC eCommerce
LILAC Accounting & Business Management Software - Enterprise Automation
LILAC is a high level, integrated business software suite integrating sales order processing, and physical business processes - distribution, wholesale, and manufacturing - with a comprehensive accounting database.

Established in 1980, Lennox Computer provides phone, email, and site support across Australia.

• WYSIWYG Document Interface
• Remote Access

• eCommerce
• Multi-Entity Operations

• Microsoft Office Integration
• Barcode Integration

Sales Order Processing - Purchase Order Processing - Comprehensive Accounting - Financial Reporting
Barcode and Freight Integrated - Single Touch Payroll
Scheduling - Work Centre Tracking - Real Time Display - Warehouse Management
LILAC Distribution and Wholesale Software
LILAC Manufacturing and Scheduling Software
LILAC Timber and Sawmill Software
LILAC WIP Job Costing and Construction Software
Account Based Business Software
• LILAC Links Physical Business Activities
• Distribution & Wholesale
• Manufacturing & Scheduling
• Job Costing & Construction
• Timber & Metal
• To a computerised accounting system
• Through efficient data entry

• Print, email, and PDF all documents as they appear on the monitor.
Automate Your Business
Display Scheduling and Production Orders Live on 150cm Plus Monitors
Integrated Barcode Scanning
Distribution & Wholesale
Manufacturing Management
Accounting Software Overview
Handheld or Forklift mounted Barcode Scanner.
Motorola Mini Computer & Barcode Scanner.
Cipher Lab RS30 Android
Mobile Computer/Phone/Scanner.
Link these devices to your database.
Lennox Computer
LILAC Accounting Software

Provides control of:

Support Services

Serious commercial IT systems need long-term support and supervision. Lennox Computer offer contracted support arrangements to stay on top of long-term IT business operations.

Business Accounting Software
Database Management
Hardware Expansion & Replacement
Software Design

We deploy advanced system analysis and programming skills to provide software to suit your requirements. Tell us your ideas and let us create leading-edge software for your business.

Windows Applications
Client/Server Networking
Barcode Scanner Data Capture
Wide Area Networking
Distribution and Wholesale
Manufacturing and Scheduling
Sales Order Processing
Customer Relationship Management
Accounting & Financials

Lennox Computer provides an unbiased and optimised assessment of your Business IT, computing, and network connectivity needs - without any prejudice or over selling.

Business Software
Computer Hardware
Network Configuration
Hardware & Networking

Connect your business in the fullest sense, internet connectivity, database servers, web-servers, & mail-servers.

Workstation PCs
Hubs, Switches, & Routers
Barcode Scanners


LILAC Accounting Software provides in-built eCommerce, fully integrated with your internal LILAC Accounting database.

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