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ERP Business Accounting Software
Distribution, Manufacturing, Job Costing
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Est. 1980
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LILAC ERP - Whole of Enterprise Automation
LILAC is a high level business software suite integrating order processing, electronic data interchange, and physical business processes - warehousing, distribution, manufacturing, job costing - with a comprehensive, whole of enterprise accounting database.

Established in 1980, Lennox Computer provides phone, email, and site support across Australia.

• Remote Access
• Multi-Entity Operations
• WYSIWYG Document Interface
• Single Touch Payroll
• Virtual Private Network
• Online Order Placement
• Business to Business EDI
• eCommerce
• Order Processing
• Barcode Integration
• Large Scale Warehousing
• Manufacturing and Freight
Barcode and Freight Integrated - Multiple Warehousing - eCommerce - Catalogue - Shopping Basket - Checkout
Sales Order Processing - Purchase Order Processing - Comprehensive Accounts - Financial Reporting
Scheduling - Work Order - Picking Slip - Work Centre Tracking - Concurrent User Login
Multiple Industry - Fast Broad Based Accounting Software
LILAC Distribution and Wholesale Software
LILAC Manufacturing and Scheduling Software
LILAC Timber and Sawmill Software
LILAC WIP Job Costing and Construction Software
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Account Based Business Software
Order Processing
• LILAC Links Physical Business Activities
• Distribution & Wholesale
• Manufacturing & Scheduling
• Job Costing & Construction
• Metal & Timber
• To a computerised accounting system
• Through efficient data entry

• Print, email, and PDF all documents as they appear on the monitor.
Automate Your Business
Display Scheduling and Production Orders Live on 150cm Plus Monitors
Integrated Barcode Scanning
Distribution & Wholesale
Manufacturing Management
Accounting Software Overview
Handheld or Forklift mounted Barcode Scanner.
Zebra Mini Computer & Barcode Scanner.
Cipher Lab RS30 Android
Mobile Computer/Phone/Scanner.
Link these devices to your database.
EDI - Electronic Data Interchange
Standardised electronic data formats process high volume transactions between business to business trading partners. LILAC is partnered with SPS Commerce providing XML Purchase and Sale Order generation, Order Acknowledgement, Advance Shipping Notice, Despatch Advices, Invoice, and Remittance.
Online Order Placement
Business to Business EDI
WYSIWYG Document Interface
LILAC implements a "What You See Is What You Get" document interface for users and operators of the software.

This means images presented on the screen for a wide range of accounting, business, and technical features, appear as electronic images of paper documents, allowing the operator to work with a very natural and intuitive "form filling-in" regime.
All on-screen documents print as 'What You See Is What You Get' (WYSIWYG)
LILAC - Integrated Ledger Accounting
LILAC is a broadly based commercial software package which provides business management modules in a fully integrated balancing double-entry accounting database. LILAC maintains an electronic document database for all required commercial and accounting transactions. LILAC provides a comprehensive reporting system and audit trail, for accounts, stock, sales analysis, and other topics through to full financial results - Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Business Activity Statements (BAS), and Single Touch Payroll.
Purchase Order Processing
Price Request
Purchase Order
Goods Received
Purchase Invoice

Sales Order Processing
Sales Order
Work Order
Picking Slip
Tax Invoice
Point of Sale

MRP - Material Requirements Planning
Staged Manufacturing Work Centres
Bill of Materials
Job Costing WIP Accounting

Barcode and Label
Print and Scan
Warehouse Manager
Despatch Manager

Single Touch Payroll

Microsoft Office
Website eCommerce

Electronic Data Interchage (EDI)
SPS Commerce Integrated
SSCC, API XML Data Interface


Lennox Computer provides an unbiased and optimised assessment of your Business IT, computing, and network connectivity needs - without any prejudice or over selling.

Hardware Supply and Install

Lennox Computer assemble and install all computer hardware. Connect your business in the fullest sense, internet connectivity, database servers, web-servers, and mail-servers.

Workstation PCs, Notebooks, Tablets
Hubs, Switches, & Routers
Barcode Scanners


LILAC Software provides in-built Website and eCommerce, integrating your internal LILAC database in real time with no additional effort.

Product Display
Online Stock Availability

Single Touch Payroll
LILAC Payroll is immediately available as a stand alone business payroll system, or is included as part of LILAC ERP. A detailed transaction history of debits and credits is maintained for each employee, along with payslip printing and emailing. LILAC uploads payroll data the ATO as prescribed by Australian Single Touch Payroll reporting requirements.

Web Applications
LILAC Web applications are delivered over a browser meaning they are 'technology agnostic' running on any combination of PC, tablet, phone, and on any operating system Windows, Android, Apple, etc.

Web Applications are available for Warehousing, Manufacturing, QIC Order (Order Placement), Employee Sign In / Sign Out.
Hardware Supply and Installation
Lennox Computer supply and install high quality computer hardware for commercial and industrial enterprises.

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