Distribution, Wholesale, Retail, Warehousing, Construction, Contracting & Manufacturing
LILAC is a broadly based commercial software package which provides business management modules in a fully integrated balancing double-entry accounting database. LILAC maintains an electronic document database for all required commercial and accounting transactions. It provides a comprehensive reporting system, for accounts, stock, sales analysis, and other topics through to full financial results.
Operational Efficiency
All documents within LILAC allow the user to essentially operate in a 'form filling in' environment. 'WYSIWYG', what you see on the monitor, is what you get when a document, i.e Sales Order, is printed, emailed, or stored. All transactions, such as purchases, sales, stock transfers, etc, are processed with a WYSIWYG document orientation, which means re-keying duplicate entry of data for multiple purposes is completely eliminated.
Document Presentation
Windows Graphical User Interface
Very high quality document formatting is implemented with multiple fonts, text & graphics, line drawings, rendered 2D & 3D images, bit-mapped images, including Internet graphics and digital camera shots. These are all available for the production of orders, invoices, statements, and reports.
Multi-Ledger Automation
Subsidiary ledgers such as debtors, creditors, stock, payroll, balance sheet and trading ledger are automatically posted in real-time as a natural consequence of the processing or creation of source documents such as invoices, credit notes, time costing, requisitions, etc.
Financial Reporting
Profit or loss & balance sheet reports are available in real-time as a direct consequence of transaction processing.
Flexible Accounting Periods
Simultaneous Multiple Accounting Period Operation
LILAC permits the simultaneous operation in many accounting periods and multiple financial years within the same database. Accounts staff may continue to operate in past periods for finalisation and revision purposes while sales staff proceed unhindered in later periods.
Multi-company Operations
Unlimited Numbers of Companies
Within a single database as many individually balancing company (branch, subsidiary, dealer, etc) ledgers may be maintained with automatic real-time "loan account" posting generated by the software to reflect inter-company transactions. "Head-office" debtors & creditors provided at multiple levels if required.
Standard Equipment and Networking
Intel Pentiums running Microsoft Windows
LILAC is used on networks of Intel based computers running a suitable Microsoft Windows Server Program (on the server) and any current version of Windows on additional workstations. LILAC is fully and dynamically integrated to Microsoft Office - Excel.
No Hidden Costs
Training Document- ation and Support Costs Included
The pricing quoted for LILAC is all inclusive, covering installation, training and the first month of support for the phasing in of multiple applications in a well ordered manner with no cost penalty.
Local Software Development
and Support
Lennox Computer is a wholly Australian owned software development & support enterprise.
All aspects of the LILAC software product have been designed and programmed at our Queensland office. Lennox Computer provide high priority software and system support to customers in all Australian cities and many major provincial centres. Software corrections and adjustments may be downloaded from our Internet server within seconds of becoming available.
Long Term Support
Long Term support service from Lennox Computer
Some of our existing customers have been on continuous support contract with Lennox Computer for over twenty years. Support terms provide for corrections, consulting, and most importantly rights to new versions of the software product(s). See our "Terms & Conditions of Support" document for full details.
Proven Software
More than 20 years of field operations
LILAC is technologically advance product, designed for the latest windows user interfaces, and modern local and wide area networking (LAN & WAN), with a proven track record by real world commercial users.
Flexible Tailoring
Visual Presentation Language
LILAC can be tailored to suit your business. Lennox Computers multi-level language approach allows the tailoring of document and report formats in our VPL "front-end", Very High Level Programming Language (VHLPL), without compromising the robustness or security of the underlying data-base and audit structures.
LAN - WAN Connectivity
Intranets & the Internet
Lennox Computer has designed LILAC to use Internet network protocols from the very beginning. This gives customers the choice of operating a purely private Local network (single Ethernet), or using Internet services to connect to the public Internet to implement a cheap, fast and reliable Virtual Private Network between remote locations located anywhere in the world, plus the option of permitting secure public access.
Nation-wide Client/server operations at the cost of local calls
LILAC provides very natural and powerful support for a Head Office, Branch Office hierarchy with all data maintained on a central server, thus facilitating multi-branch access to stock levels, accounts and product data from any location.
Hardware Integration
Lennox Computer manufacture and supply suitable hardware
Lennox Computer offer carefully selected Intel i5/i7 based computer systems, manufactured to high quality standards, and guaranteed to provide reliable, robust and high-speed commercial operation of our software.
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LILAC Accounting & Business Management Software - Enterprise Automation
LILAC is a high level, integrated business software suite integrating sales order processing, and physical business processes - stock movement and manufacturing processes - with a comprehensive accounting database.

Established in 1980, Lennox Computer provides phone, email, and site support across Australia.

• WYSIWYG Document Interface
• Remote Access

• e-Commerce
• Multi-Entity Operations

• Microsoft Office Integration
• Barcode Integration

Whole of Enterprise
Small and Meduim Size Business Software - Off the Shelf, Flexible, and Specialised
Order Processing - Process Management - Scheduling
Based on a Comprehensive Accounting Database
Intergrated eCommerce - and much more
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