LILAC Document Help
Online Order
1. To begin strike 'Enter' on the keyboard, or, use a mouse click in any blue or yellow field. This will generate an Order Number.
2. Enter the number of Items of each product required.
3. An order is confirmed and placed when the "Submit" button clicked.

To finalise an order you may -
1. 'Update Prices' from the toolbar. This will update and display the lowest prices.
2. 'Refresh!' (optional). Condense the lines of the order to the top of the page by removing those lines with zero quantities.
3. 'Submit'. The 'Update Price' function will apply automatically at this point.

Keyword Search (F5). Search listed products by description.
A Selected Catalouge will appear in the white 'Catalog' Field below.

Click the 'Load Catalouge' button to populate the order with this Catalogue.
The 'Submit' button is the final step which will confirm and place the order.
Name Key & Order Number.

F12 or Right Mouse click in the Order No field will show previous Orders.
The second Order Number is available for the users purposes if necessary.
Use a Right Mouse click to search the 'Product' field by code. Then type a letter into the space provided to search and skip through the list.
A Y (yes) here represents the PackSize split to fulfill this order. A 5% charge is added to the extension price for this product.

The PackSize information is located within individual Product Information Window (left mouse click on product) and displays the number of items in a full carton.
'Space-bar' at the begining of any Field will clear that Field.
'Space-bar' at the begining of the 'Order No' Field will clear to entire document. Use this to start a new order. Previous orders are retrievable with a right mouse click in the 'Order No' field.
The Key Word Search is selected from the ribbon
Searching for the term 'arrow' displays 29 products where arrow appears in the description.
Keyword Search:
- From the ribbon
- Or, F5 (with the mouse / caret in the in the Product field).
1. Left Click - Opens a field.
2. Right Click - Searches in a pale blue field - ie the Product and Order Number fields.

1. F12 - Search in a pale blue field - ie the Product and Order Number fields.
2. F1 - Previous in a pale blue field.
3. F3 - Next in a pale blue field.
4. F5 - Keyword Search.
6. Space-bar - At the begining of a field will clear that field.
7. Space-bar - At the begining of the 'Order No.' field will clear the entire Document. Use this to start a new order. A previously cleared Document can be found by searching in the 'Order No.' field.

Order No.
1. Each order will have a specific Order No.
2. An order will remain open, on your PC, until submitted. This means the user may return to an un-submitted order at any time.
3. Right Mouse click, or, F12 in the Order No. field will display previous orders.
4. To begin a new order, the Order No. field must be blank.
5. With the Order No. field blank, Striking 'Enter', or, begining an order with the Mouse, will result in the assignment of a new, sequential Order No. This prevents the duplication of an Order No.

1. A catalogue can only be loaded into a fresh Online Order Document. That is, without individual products being previously added.
2. To veiw a catalogue, Select, then Load a catalogue from the ribbon.
3. Add a product using Right Mouse click. Remove a product by striking 'Space-bar' at the begining of the Product field.

Update Prices
1. Clicking this button reflects catalogue and discounted prices. This function is performed automatically when an order is placed.

1. This button will remove product order lines where the Items column is blank. This can be used at anytime to condense or tidy up an order, particularly after editing an online catalogue.

1. Confirms and places the order.

1. This button is to used to delete or tidy up unwanted orders from the pale blue Order No. field.

1. The actual weight of ordered products. Distinct from Cubic Weight.

Cubic Metres
1. The dimensions of a product.

Cubic Weight
1. Transport industry calculation which accounts for low weight items with high cubic centimetre measurements.