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Single Touch Payroll Settings
There are two (once off / initial) setup requirements for the correct operation of the Single Touch Payroll report, and subsequent submission to the ATO, they are: 1. TAXIDENTITY; and 2. Authorising Person.

With the two requirements established, after completeing a Payroll Payslip Cycle for all employees, upload progressive Single Touch Payroll data to the ATO at: Reports > Payroll > Single Touch Upload.
Establish a TAXIDENTITY with the required contact details at:
Documents > Names and Addresses > Name and Address.

The TAXIDENTITY key and the associated contact details form part of the ATO upload requirements. This key contains details for an organisation which will act as a signature for uploading Single Touch Payroll information.

TAXIDENTITY must be used as the Key, followed by the details of your business.
2. Authorising Person
Enter a Authorising Person here at;
Documents > Payroll > Single Touch Settings

The name of the Authorising Person is the only requirement. Other fields seen here are updated with the actual processing of Single Touch Payroll.
With these two requirements established, following each LILAC Payroll Payslip cycle for all employees go to:

Reports > Payroll > Single Touch Upload

This report uploads Single Touch Payroll data to the ATO.

See Below.
Reports Payroll Single Touch Upload
Except for the last Single Touch upload of a financial year - use the default Report parameters.
Clicking 'Clear' from the ribbon, and then 'Report' from the ribbon ensures default parameters.

* Last Single Touch Upload of a financial year - Ensure a tick is present in the 'End of Year Final' check box.
* Last Single Touch Upload of a financial year - Deselect 'Active Only' to include any employees over the financial year - who are terminated or currently not set to ACTIVE in the Status field of: Documents > Employee Details.

The Week End Key signifies the upcoming Sunday of the current Payroll Working Date.
Running the above report after a Payroll Payslip cycle will create:

- Single Touch Payroll Report and;

- a window which will require the user to Authenticate and Upload the required information to the ATO.

Report Output and Authenticate
Single Touch Payroll Upload Ready (Live Mode)
The following window is available which includes Payroll Single Touch Upload report data.
Uploading Payroll Data
1. Click 'Authenticate' - An 'Authenticated' date will appear in the blue field.

2. Click 'Upload' - Data will be sent to the ATO.

3. Click 'Get Status' - feedback will cycle through:
- Queued
- Pushed
- Responded

4. Click 'Get Status' at intervals untill feedback is - Responded.
Depending ATO readiness it may take several minutes (or longer) to cycle through Queued, Pushed, and Responded.

The user may minimise the window and return at a later time to click 'Get Status' rather than wait.

4. Click 'Get Response' when feedback indicates - Responded
Feedback should then be - Message accepted.
This to completes the process.
Close the window.

'Save Request' is offered as an option. The user may choose to 'Save Request' (which is the left side pane containing payroll data from the Single Touch Upload Report). The saved request will reside on the Desktop of the computer.

'Save Response' is offered as an option. The user may choose to 'Save Response' (the right side pane which shows feed back). The saved response will reside on the Desktop of the computer.