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LILAC Inventory and Warehouse Management Software
Warehouse Manager
Warehouse manager provides geographical control and stock tracking in large warehouse situations.

Handheld or forklift mounted scanners communicate barcode information in real-time with the LILAC database.

Products are received into warehouse locations, moved from location to location, utilised/sold, and despatched outbound by scanning barcodes, providing real-time visibility of product status through LILAC connections.

Standard LILAC software allows the user to instantly generate barcodes containing product and invoice information for individual products, cartons (containing multiple products), and pallets carrying mixed loads of cartons and products.

LILAC carton labels are formatted to the EAN-128 standard for consistency and compatibility with external logistic systems.

The barcode encodes the Product ID, Number of Items, date, etc.
Multiple Warehouse
LILAC supports the use of multiple warehouses.
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