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Brisbane, QLD, Australia.
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Lennox Computer Enterprise Automation Software
Unit 8, 14 Ashtan Place, BANYO 4014
Brisbane, Australia
Phone: 07 3267 7880
Business Accounting Software
Innovation, Installation, & Support
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eMail: info@lennox.com.au
Est. 1980
Business Software Programming and Design
We write the programs that make your business thrive.
Software Interface
Training & Implementation
Lennox Computer provides all of these services, to create software to your specification, or as modifications and extensions to our existing software products.

We will frequently undertake tailored software design in the form of modifications and extensions, especially when the new requirements are related to order processing, invoicing, costing, materials, manufacturing, scheduling, and accounting functions.

LILAC modules can interface with most existing software. The LILAC framework provides a powerful and flexible relational database, and parameterised reporting capability which may be employed in many different information processing applications.

Ideally we will target modern Microsoft Windows and Google Android (mobile operating systems) as environments for new software design. We also have extensive resources and experience with older technology DOS and UNIX-like environments that are still found in many hand-held, technical, and specialist equipment.

We are specially skilled in applications with a data-communications and networking emphasis, including RS-232, analog modems, digital communications, and all aspects of IP communications.

We will undertake software design and programming either on a billable hourly rate basis, or where complete and accurate specifications can be provided, on a pre-quoted basis.

Contact us at the above addresses, for initial discussion about your software design requirements.
The photo above portrays Dennis Ritchie - the designer of the
"C" programing language working on an early Digital Equipment Corp PDP-11.