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ERP Business Accounting Software
Distribution, Manufacturing, Job Costing
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Est. 1980
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LILAC eCommerce
LILAC Manufacturing, Scheduling, Accounting Software
Small, Medium, and Large Scale Manufacturing
Manufacturing Manager:
• Schedules
• Regulates
• Records - manufacturing and production activities in industrial and processing environments.

Through closed loop scanning and manual data entry - consistent processing and chain of custody data is captured.

Plan, Track, Measure, Monitor and Display
• Material Use
• Scheduling
• Production
• Status
• Inventory
• Freight
Combined with all core Order Processing, Invoicing, and Accounting Database functions of LILAC.
Whole of Enterprise Integration
LILAC is tailored to suit businesses and organisations of all sizes, centralising operations to an accounting ledger, integrating the management of business processes.

Manufactured Product
Work Centre
Data Collection
& Live Display
Purchase Order
Sales Order
Barcode Scan
Product & Material Use
Work Centre 1
Barcode Scan
Product & Material Use
Work Centre 2
Purchase Invoice
Sales Invoice
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
General Ledger
Picking, Packing, Freight
Work Order
Bill of Materials
Work Order Scheduling
Welding Job Display
The Estimate displays internal cost to the business.

Adjustable Quotations, Sales Orders will display selling prices.

Work Orders can be used as 'control documents' assisting scheduling, fabrication, or assembly - in manufacturing or construction contexts. Most often, only quantities and specifications are displayed on a Work Order - rather than monetary values. (Fabrication and assembly processes benefit from monetary details removed.)

Tax Invoices display final selling prices.
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Brisbane, QLD, Australia.
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