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Brisbane, Australia
ERP Business Accounting Software
Distribution, Manufacturing, Job Costing
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Est. 1980
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LILAC Manufacturing, Scheduling, and Accounting Management Software
Small, Medium, and Large Scale Manufacturing
Manufacturing Manager:
• Schedules
• Regulates
• Records - manufacturing and production activities in industrial and processing environments.

Through closed loop scanning and manual data entry - consistent processing and chain of custody data is captured.

Plan, Track, Measure, Monitor and Display
• Material Use
• Scheduling
• Production
• Status
• Inventory
• Freight
Combined with all core Order Processing, Invoicing, and Accounting Database functions of LILAC.
Work Order Scheduling
Welding Job Display
Internal LILAC Manaufacturing Documents
The Estimate is an internal document - displaying cost prices to the business.

Adjustable Quotations, Sales Orders will display selling prices.

Work Orders can be used as 'control documents' assisting scheduling, fabrication, or assembly - in manufacturing or construction contexts. Most often, only quantities and specifications are displayed on a Work Order - rather than monetary values. (Fabrication and assembly processes benefit from monetary details removed.)

Tax Invoices display final selling prices.
Lennox Computer - 07 3267 7880
Brisbane, QLD, Australia.
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