LILAC Timber Software and support is developed for:
In addition to Timber Product Support, your enterprise will access all features of LILAC ERP Software.

LILAC ERP gives real time visability across the business, with 24/7 access from any browser. All documents are printable and stored indefinately on the database.

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LILAC Timber Software - Sawmill and Retail
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Manufactured Timber Products (roof trusses, framing, walls).
LILAC Timber Software combines the power of LILAC ERP business automation functions, (Inventory, Order Processing, Accounting, Payroll, Reporting) with designed extensions for the correct handling of timber - dimensions, quantities, prices, and freight.

Lennox Computer have supported timber enterprises for over twenty years, and combine this extensive experience with the ability to deliver modern state-of-the-art Windows based software.

The software accommodates sawn, sheet, and moulded products.

Orders, Cutting Lists, Invoices, and Despatch Documents compute quantity and pricing calculations allowing stock levels to be maintained in an appropriate unit e.g. M3 (Cubic Metres).

For millers of timber, requirements regarding log acquisition, usage, and remaining stocks are addressed by a complete Log Stock sub-ledger. Log Stock provides for important "chain of custody" reporting requirement with respect to crown timber versus privately sourced timber, together with royalty and shipping calculations.
Features for Timber Products
Product Codes

Barcode Printing
& Scanning


Timber Tally
Products may be grouped with a prefix, HWD 025025, where the trailing 6 digits indicate the end-section dimensions of the timber (that is, two, 3-digit values in mm with leading zeros as necessary). Another approach is of the form 70X35 HWD F17 where it is desired to group products primarily by sizes, in this case 70X35.

LILAC Software prints barcodes. For the Timber Industry, barcodes are printed on-site, on polymer stationary which with-stands sunshine and rain for months and years. Barcodes are linked to your timber tracking and accounting database. Barcode scanning is an extremely efficient method of data entry.

Freight charges are calculated per customer per Tonne.

The Timber Tally applet window appears within Quotations, Sales Orders, and Point of Sale Processing.
Timber Tally calculates Linear, Cubic, and Weight measurements dynamically. See example below.
Stock Account Document
• Maintain stock in LM, M2, M3, CL or EA units.
• Stocktake in units and/or stick lengths.
• Generate Timber Packs
• Print labels and barcodes.
Timber Tally -
For Stock & Price Calculation
Timber Tally calculations record details of stick lengths & quantities as selections are made in the Timber Tally window.

Quantites, cubic volumes, and weights are dynamically calculated as selections are made.

On completion the results are copied back into the body of the Sale Order and subsequent Invoice document.

Documents are 'What You See Is What You Get' in format, meaning a printed version is identical to what is seen on a computer screen. These documents are instantly retrievable.
Intergration with LILAC ERP - Business Automation
• Financial Management
• Supply Chain and Operations Management
• Human Resources Management
• Reports
- Assets, Cashflow, Accounting Database, Tax Preparation.
- Purchasing, Inventory, Milling, Sales Order Processing.
- Payroll PAYG Compliant.
- Gain business intelligence through parameterised reports and analysis.
Log Stock Accounting
In the context of saw-milling, there are significant requirements for tracking log acquisition, usage, and remaining stock. This is addressed by a complete Log Stock sub-ledger within the LILAC package.

Important "chain of custody" reporting requirements are provided for with respect to crown timber versus privately sourced timber, together with complex royalty and shipping calculations.
"Mill Numbers" identify the details of each log and track the subseqent sawing.
Timber Classifications exist for up to 4 sub-sections within each log.
Sawing can be tracked for up to 4 cross-cut sections.
Mill Number (Log Identification)
Weather-proof plastic barcode labels identify each log and its off-cuts.

Track Log Stock from delivery through the milling process.
Tear-off abilities allow multiple cross-cut sections to be handled.
Fix to butt end of log with two small nails.
Plastic Mill Numbers are sun, wind, and rain resistant.
A chain of custody is created for individual logs
Transfer information immediately to a LILAC Server via a smart phone 3G/4G Mobile Network,
or via a barcode scanner.
These scanning devices are all linked to your accounting database.
Timber Packs
Timber Pack Labels printed on site by your LILAC software are fixed to packs.
The contents of a Timber Pack is integrated with your stock and accounting database.
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