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Vibrant Outdoors Pty Ltd

Mission Statement
Vibrant Outdoors Pty Ltd is a newly incorporated enterprise associated with Lennox Computer and based out of our offices in Banyo Queensland.

The aspirations and directions of the new business can be summarised as folows:
Deploy Lennox Computers' Internet & eCommerce software to implement a high volume consumer oriented, online sales, web-site featuring a wide range products with any kind of "outdoors" vibe.
Provide Lennox Computer with a realistic (indeed real world) test-bed for evaluation, design and progressive improvement and development of the www and eCommerce features integrated within the LILAC package
Offer existing LILAC eCommerce enterprises a free service to promote their products and capture additional sales and revenue with a fully integrated order processing and payment interface to their LILAC systems.
Use the power and speed of the LILAC database engine coupled with a 40 Mbps NBN Internet upload speed from a high-spec server platform to achieve virtually instant response when keyword searching through many thousands of products.
Using a strictly cash-flow based business model where orders will only be processed after receipt of funds via credit-card, bank deposit or often PayPal transactions
Business Model
Vibrant Outdoors Pty Ltd will trade purely as a retailer in the consumer market place. Our suppliers will typically be manufacturers, importers, distributors or wholesalers of suitable product ranges.
It is a crucial element of the approach that we will not be seen to compete with our suppliers in their customer space(s). Our pricing and presentation of product will be determined by the policies of our suppliers and typically the prices quoted on our eCommerce pages will be higher than any presented by the supplier to his customers.
Payment policy - credit card or PayPal payment prior to order processing - funds to our suppliers prior to order processing by them.
Shipping - "drop ship" model - product will ship directly from our suppliers warehouse (DC) to the consumer with appropriate prepaid freight, administered by LILAC Active Server "Postcode Freight" features and collected from consumer up-front.
Web presence - the domain "vibrant.net.au" is owned by Vibrant Outdoors Pty Ltd and the home URL of the enterprise will be http://www.vibrant.net.au - this will guarantee a high profile in Google and other search engines because of the simplicity and appropriateness of the URL and the Search Engine optimisation which is an intrinsic feature of the LILAC Active Server web presence with its myriad back-link model. Vibrant Outdoors and similar keyword search will rapidly migrate to the 1st page of Google searches.
Database structure - each participating supplier will be represented by a LILAC subsidiary entity in a single LILAC database of the vibrant.net.au server, under the overall administration of a "head office" entity with company id "VIHO". Each participating supplier's product will be held under a suitable "branch" code of the form "VIxx".
Scale of operations - several likely participants from amongst those deploying LILAC in their current operations, maintain very large databases of products - 10's to 100's of thousand items. Thus the scale of the LILAC database on the Vibrant server will be very large. Non-LILAC participants will be encouraged to provide electronic files of their product ranges for automatic import to the Vibrant database. Ultimately the Vibrant Outdoors database will encompass 1 million plus products.
Searching - traditionally LILAC's Active Server presentation deploys a hierarchical (tree-structured) search menu style, with a depth of two or three levels. That facilitates the efficient searching of large databases with group and sub-group navigation style traversed by the consumer. This will continue as a well-disciplined method of access when the consumer wants to limit his browsing to a particular suppliers products.

However Lennox Computer have developed a new key-word based search algorithm which uses pre-built indexes to implement virtually instant listings of matched products. The key word search engine will process the consolidated Vibrant database to produces integrated listings from all supplier product ranges. For example searching for "bag" will produce hits from a sporting goods supplier, a camping goods supplier, a 4WD accessory database and a clothing/fashion database.

The LILAC Active Server search will be much more dynamic than traditional paginated search results seen almost universally on eCommerce web-sites. Some key-word searches will generated hundreds or thousands of hits, and the results will be transmitted progressively allowing the web-browser to start scrolling through the earlier hits while the later ones continue to be received. This is more "Mobile Friendly" and works well on Android and Apple iOS browsers.