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LILAC Reporting Analytics
LILAC Analytics presents data in table or graph format, to be used for the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns.
LILAC Analystics is accessable from all reports via the Analytics button highlighted below.
1. Sort Up
The LILAC Analytics window allows data to be arranged and re-presented.
Trading Entity is selected as the Title (T)
Gross Profit is selected as the Value (V)
Gross Profit is also selected as Sort Criteria (S). Sort up show the highest value first.
T = Title
S = Sort
V = Value

Example Above
T = Trading Entity
S = Gross Profit
V = Gross Profit

Sort Up = Largest Value Shown First

2. Pie Chart
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LILAC Analytics
Data from the previous page presented presented in a Pie Chart
Click on a section
to isolate.
3. Summarise
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LILAC Analytics
This example demonstrates the use of the Summarise option to refine and condense data.
The above report is presented in the LILAC Analytics Window.

The Summarise button is used here to aggregate:
Product is selected as the Title (T)
Product is also selected as a Sort criteria (S)
Gross Profit is selected as the Value (V)
3. Summarise (continued)
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LILAC Analytics
The summarised data is presented below.
This data is then presented in a Pie Chart.
5. Histogram, Line Graph, and Point Graph
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LILAC Analytics
This example presents data in the form of a Histogram.
Point and Line Graphs are alternative presentations if selected.
Customer is selected as the Title (T)
Ex GST Revenue is selected as the Value (V)