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LILAC Demonstration Software
Welcome to Lennox Computers' Demonstration Software installation page.

1. LILAC Demo Package
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LILAC Package - Demonstration, Evaluation and Training Suite.
Click here to start the download.
The downloaded software is digitally signed and virus free.
Your browser software e.g. Microsoft Edge, will check Lennox Computers' authenticity with Microsoft before permitting the download.
Our LILAC software is designed to run on a standard Microsoft Windows platform (10 or 11).
You may struggle if your Windows environment has been compromised by the use of excessively paranoid "cyber-security" or dubious "anti-virus" software from various Internet download sources. We recommend you turn off or un-install any such garbage, before attempting the LILAC demo install. The standard Microsoft Defender anti-virus system will not be a problem.
Extensive Training & Help Documentation is available from:
www.lennox.com.au -> Drop Down menu -> Support -> Help Pages
Video Tutorials
Video Tutorial
How to download & install
the LILAC Demo Package
Run a video tutorial on the LILAC Timber Tally
Video Tutorial
LILAC Timber Industry Features
Run video on LILAC Debtor Receipt
Video Tutorial
Debtor Receipt
Lennox Computer - 07 3267 7880
Brisbane, QLD, Australia.
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