LILAC supports barcode and label printing on a variety of stationary and layouts:

Capturing any information:

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LILAC Barcode Generation, Printing, and Integration
Barcode scanning is used extensively in modern manufacturing, distribution, wholesale and retail situations.

Lennox Computer software provide extensive support for the production, printing and scanning of a multiplicity of barcode formats in an extensive array of applications. Barcode printing is automated, meaning barcodes and descriptive content are produced with one or two mouse clicks.

LILAC provides off-the-shelf functions to print EAN and other format barcodes for inventory, production, freight, etc.
• Paper
• Polymer Plastic
• Cloth
• Adhesive
• Tag with Hole
• Tag with Tail
• Thermal or Direct Transfer
• Materials
• Processes
• Weights
• Location
• Destination
• Etc
Lennox Computer are well positioned to provide custom barcode solutions for manufacturing, distribution, or trading enterprises.

Distribution Barcode Labels
Freight Labels are printed by LILAC, designed to
suit any requirement.
Manufacturing Barcode Labels
Scanning labels associated with processes and stock:
Creates a chain of custody.
Provides Quality Control documentation within the LILAC database.
Allows real time insight into the status of any number of process.
Timber Barcode Labels
Mill Number (Log Identification)
Track Log Stock from delivery, and through the milling process.
Tear-off abilities allow multiple cross-cut sections to be handled.
Fix to butt end of log with two small nails.
Plastic Mill Numbers are sun, wind, and rain resistant.
A chain of custody is created for individual logs in the database via scanning.
Timber Pack Labels printed on site by your LILAC software are fixed to packs, and integrated with your accounting database.
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Brisbane, QLD, Australia.
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