LILAC Local Client - Create Icon Shortcut
Follow these steps to create the LILAC Icon/Shortcut on a Client computer.
1. The Lilac3 folder on the server must be visible to the client computer on the LAN network. This may be confirmed via the Network folder within Windows Explorer. Credentials are necessary.

2. Go to the Lennox Computer website - www.lennox.com.au

3. From the Downloads menu, click 'LILAC Supported Software Download'.
3. Click on the circled program 'LILAC Local Client' and allow the program to run.

4. After the 'LILAC Local Client' program has finished running on the client computer, it will respond with a window similar to the image below.
Company Id will be your enterprise **HO.
User Name is the LILAC User, previously established in LILAC.
5. Click Ok. The LILAC Icon/Shortcut will be within the
Windows Start Up menu,and also on the Windows Desktop.