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LILAC Server Software Installation
1. Confirm a recent LILAC database backup procedure has been performed by the client, and written to removable media.
2. Close LILAC User workstations local and remote.
3. Close ACTION, Active Server, etc, on the server.
5. From www.lennox.com.au go to LILAC Supported Software located within the Downloads menu.
6. Click on the Program to be installed. Allow the download to finish then click 'Run'.
7. Review the settings for the server environment and click 'Proceed'. When the installation is complete action will be restarted.

When Installation is complete you may close this Window.
Post Install
8. Sign In to LILAC at level 7 or higher and select:
Documents -> Utilities -> Upgrade Database
(May take a 5 minutes or longer depending on database size and PC speed)
9. Sign In to LILAC at level 7 or greater and select:
Documents -> Utilities -> Reindex
(May take a minute or two depending on database size)
10. Proceed with normal operations after Action.exe restarts.
11. Re-start all LILAC Client workstations (PC's in the organisation using LILAC) in order to refresh the interaction with the updated Server.