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LILAC Remote Client: Remote Access - Wide Area Network Operations
Remote Client is your regular LILAC workstation available on another PC or Laptop, with all the usual functionality.
Portable & Remote Access
LILAC can be downloaded and installed onto any Windows based tablet, notebook or desktop computer to permit on-line access to all LILAC features from any location world-wide that has internet connectivity via WiFi or Ethernet cable, and/or 3g, 4g or LTE cellular telephone Internet access.
Notebook & Tablet Computers
Any Windows 10 based device makes a great LILAC Remote Client platform. Any Notebook or Tablet with 4G mobile technology will provide access on the go, anywhere there is Cellphone coverage. Perfect for the travelling executive.
Virtual Private Networks via the Public Internet
The public internet infrastructure in Australia and overseas provides an increasingly powerful, low-cost way for national and international enterprises to implement a network of computers. “End-to-End” encryption and security guarantee that data packets containing private data may flow from branch office to and from head-office server locations, routed via the public internet with complete privacy.
IP Addresses and Domain Names
Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are the identifiers that individual computers are known by when they are connected to the internet.

IP Addresses can be "static" - permanently allocated to a particular computer, or "dynamic", re-allocated by an address server from time to time.

Lennox Computer can administer the allocation and installation of IP addresses on each computer in your network, and provide Domain Name Registration for internet operations.
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